Adjar Pratoto


· Université de Franche-Comté, France (Dr.,1996)
· Institut Teknologi Bandung (Master, 1988)
· Institut Teknologi Bandung (Ir., 1985)
Selected Publications:
· K. Inubushi, A. Pratoto, M. Hashitani, and H. Kasai, Effect of empty fruits bunch
dumping on greenhouse gas emissions in oil-palm plantation, proceedings, Soil
Science Conference of Malaysia 2007, April 17-19, pp.288-290
· M. Hashitani, K. Inubushi, A. Pratoto, and H. Kasai, Interaction between methane
and nitrous oxide production in soil amended with empty fruit bunch of Elaeis
guineensis, Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2007, April 17-19, pp.373-375
· Pratoto, A., Combustion behavior of briquettes from oil palm’s empty fruit bunch,
The 2nd International Conference on Thermal Engineering Theory and
Applications, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates, January 3-6, 2006
· Pratoto, A., Study on the low-rank coal – biomass blend briquettes behavior
during devolatilization, International Seminar & Exhibition on Ecological Power
Generation 2005: Biomass-coal utilization & fuel beneficiation, Jakarta, January
19, 2005
· Pratoto, A., Drying kinetics of coal, COALTECH 2004, The 5th International
Conference and Exhibition on Coal for Regional Development, Kuala Lumpur,
December 6 – 9, 2004
· Pratoto, A., A study on the emissions from biomass combustion, The
International Workshop on Biomass & Clean Fossil Fuel Power Plant Technology
2004, 13 – 14 January 2004, Jakarta
· Pratoto, A., Combustion characteristics of oil palm’s empty fruit bunches,
International Conference on Fluid, Thermal and Energy Conversion, Bali, 7-9
Desember 2003
· Pratoto, A., M. Daguenet, & B. Zeghmati, A simplified technique for sizing solarassisted
fixed-bed batch dryers: Application to granulated natural rubber, Energy
Conversion & Management 39 (9), 1998, 963-971
· Pratoto, A., M. Daguenet, & B. Zeghmati, Sizing solar-assisted natural rubber
dryers, Solar Energy 61 (4), 1997, 287-291